I'm assigned to those “Dreamers” who have been delayed, abandoned, ship-wrecked, forsaken, rejected, despised, discounted—forgotten!

The Evidence: Caught In The Act Of A Dream!

All rise—court is now in session! A dream that’s worth having is worth fighting for. Before the manifestation of any dream, two things will happen. It will be tested, and YOU will be tested. This power-infused experience escorts the “dreamer” on a journey by delving into defending your dream, thriving in adversity, and positioning for victory.
Give your attendees an invigorating experience to:

  • Protect Your Dream And The Need To Defend It
  • Leverage Adversity and Use It To Your Advantage
  • Use 5 Keys To Get Free When It Seems Your Dream Is On Lockdown
  • Identify Opportunities for Learning, Growth, And Expansion
  • Position Yourself For Promotion, Leadership And Influence

  • I Have A Dream, But I’m Living A Nightmare!

    Congratulations, you have a dream! But what happens when your dream and present reality do not match your expectations? Every dream starts off wonderfully—at the conceptual level. You envision it with crystal clear clarity and are super-charged to go out and conquer the world to fulfill it. Then something happens—called Life.
    Allow The DA (Dream Ambassador) to help you to:

  • Convert your frustrations into fuel to go forward
  • Navigate the pitfalls of depression and despair
  • Cooperate and trust the process without abandoning your dream
  • Help you to learn key lessons to keep propelling you forward
  • Awaken to a new perspective of managing unrealistic expectations
    Fearless Factor:  Breaking Free From The Force Of Fear

    No matter how what level of success you have achieved or will achieve, most likely you will have to face-off with an uninvited intruder and invader called—fear. This invader has been responsible from completely annihilating more dreams than any other culprit. Now is the time to power up against the inevitable, so that you will have the full freedom to pursue your dreams and life mission.

    Arm your audience with the armor they need to:

  • Fully understand what fear is assigned to do.
  • Recognize when fear suddenly shows up and how to shut it down.
  • Learn the 5 types of fear that most commonly keeps you stuck.
  • Discover the #1 strategy that kills fear—every time!
    Get Over The DayDream Thing! “Wake Up” and Start Winning

    We’ve all been caught doing it whether sitting in a history class in grade school, or seated in a conference room staring out of the window. But what happens when we get stuck in a life daze—just daydreaming? There are critical times, when we desperately need to be shaken to our core and charged to advance our dream.
    Your audience will be fired up with the fuel they need to:

  • Ignite (or re-ignite) their passion on purpose.
  • Overcome the paralysis of procrastination.
  • Identify the delusion-factor and reverse your reality.
  • Recognize the top 3 strategies to move you to massive action.
    Excuse Me, I’m Next: Eradicating Excuses That Arrests Your Progress

    Okay, let’s be perfectly candid. Who hasn’t been guilty of this? Excuses are a deadly dream-stopper, period. In this session, The DA opens up several cases that will expose the false evidence of excuses, and then issues a mandated “court order” to free and release the champion in YOU!
    This captivating session will empower you by:

  • Assisting you in identifying the common causes to create excuses.
  • Addressing why excuses can’t be tolerated in the life of the Dreamer.
  • Helping you to take ownership and take back control of life.
  • Authorizing you to “divorce” the distractions designed to stop your dream.
    Eyes Wide Open: Embracing Your “Why” and Pursuing What Matters Most!

    In our world of competing priorities, we can find ourselves in a frenzy or scurried in a maze only to stop, look up and scream, “Helloooo, how did I get here?” but more importantly, “How in the heck do I get out?” As we’re navigating through varied life experiences, we oftentimes lose our focus, lose our path, and lose our reason why. But there is a Guiding Light at the end of the tunnel that leads to intense purpose discovery and redemption.

    Invite your audience to this eye-opening session that addresses:

  • Resurrecting your purpose and releasing your God-given potential.
  • Understanding how your purpose is pivotal to the accomplishment of your dreams.
  • 3 ways to quickly resuscitate and get back on track in life.
  • How to stay mission-minded, and avoid the traps that compete for your priorities
    Believe, One More Time! Unleashing Faith That Activates Your Dreams

    It is true that all things are possible. The real question is, do we, “BELIEVE”! The DA dives into the trenches with faith-based attendees who can’t make the connection between the activation of the faith and the manifestation of their dreams. So often, we rest idly on the side lines of life, or on a glorious dream cloud, and never make a move toward our God-given dream. This will breed delay, discouragement, frustration, abandonment and ultimately regret. This session will give you the faith-injection and practical applicators that you need to propel you forward full speed ahead.
    Be ready and buckle up, in this power-hour, attendees will:

  • Identify The 5 Misconceptions And Myths Around Faith
  • Learn Why Faith Without Corresponding Action Will Produce No Harvest
  • Expose The Minions That Attack Your Mind To Impede Your Progress
  • Understand How Your Faith Is Intrinsically Connected To Dream Activation
  • Receive The Impartation To Activate Your Dreams!
    Live On Dreams, Live Well Dreamer!

    No matter how passionate or ardently committed, we cannot lose sight that we are “dream carriers.” Yes, we are the very vessels, and containers that house the dream. This session will encourage, challenge and inspire attendees to prioritize their health and wellness. Your purpose depends on it—vitality, body maintenance, self-care, good nutrition are all essentials that ensure we live our best life ever!

  • The essentials on why you should adopt a lifestyle of wellness
  • Why is it so important to adopt a new mindset about your body
  • What are some practical things that you can do to “eat well”
  • Simple exercises that anyone can do, no matter where you are!
  • The importance of self-care and why it shouldn’t be neglected